Vision is a Key Differenciator in Elite Sporting Success.

The See2wiN program has been used by many of the World Leading Athletes

 and represents a scientific and evidence based program developed & refined since 1999

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Improved Visual Proprioception 

Visual Proprioception Technologies help visual orientation and location. Including 'Visual Core Training' helping stability and orientation of the competitive arena . See2wiN program offers a unique combination of world leading technologies including Eye Tracking ,IBS,  Mobile Ocular Muscle Balance Training and Accuvision Hand Eye Board.

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Visual Tracking

 Improved tracking of a moving target or location in a moving environment. Hitting a moving ball, catching, passing or driving/running a bend. Vision Tracking Training with the aid of the Dynamic Vision Trainer, EyePort and Eyetracking Technology can improve batting averages, driving techniques or judging turn when skiing, driving or riding.

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Dynamic Vision & Anticipation 

See it earlier quicker and more accurately. Early vision cues give players more time and improved timing. See2wiN training delivers specialist eye tracking technologies & search skill strategies. Utilising the Dynamic Vision Trainer, Strobe Technologies & Innovative Eye Tracking whilst in the competitive arena

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Peripheral Awareness

Peripheral vision training - beyond 20:20 vision offers accurate peripheral awareness essential in any field based sport, athletics or driving. Sports Vision Training includes hand eye co-ordination boards, EF training, EyePort and Vision Stability training. Audited outcomes have shown improvement of 16% in peripheral awareness in the lab and in the competitive environment.

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Visual Cognition 

Improve decision making - reducing visual stress  & improving ocular motor reserves allows athletes to make the key decisions under physiological or psychological stress. See2wiN Sports Viion Training improves eye movements, reduced visual stress & improved visual stability. Overcoming the 'jips' in golf, reading race position, or improved pass completion rates inn the last quarter of matchs. Helping athletes perform under pressure 

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See Quicker 

Reaction speed - see quicker through skills acquisition giving players more time toperform their skills. The innovative technologies offred at SVI include dynamic vision  training regimes  that have proven to be a Key Performance indicator in a range of Sports. Dynamic Vision Training giving 18% improvements in Visual Movement Perception in numerous sports. Data avialable upon request from the Sports Vision Institute (subject to confidentiality of anonomisation of data sources)

Mission Statement: 

Using Sports Vision Science to "make the best better"

The Sports Vision Institute is at the forefront of world leading technologies for the advancement of vision in sports performance. Leading the way and testing products to ensure they have an evidence base to the value and implementation of new theses technologies and techniques. Testing these technologies with atheletes and in many cases the Worlds Best who strieve for that Performanec Edge. "Making the Best Better"

Evidence of this is the intergartaion of Eye Tracking, Co-ordinated Eye Muscle Training, Visual Proprioception Technologies, Peripheral Vision Training and Dynamic Vision Training all as part of a customised performance program called See2wiN(tm)

The Sports Vision Institute has followed an evidence based approach insports such as Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Football. Golf, Motor Sports, Rugby, Tennis, Track & Field, Water Sports, Winter Sports and many other International Sports. Since 1999 this Sports Vision Training has offering World Leading Sports Science to international elite (including many World and Olympic Champions (or simply the Weekend Warriors planning for fun).
Individual athlete, team, organisation, officials and sports technology industries have used the failities and sports vision technologies  at Sports Vision Institute at Loughborough or at their traing Centres both in teh UK and arouns the World. From the USA, to Indonesia, Australia to the UK. The Sports Vision Institite works as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Collaborating with coaches, S&C coaches, team & individual athlete

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